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What Can Be Outsourced To A Virtual Assistant: Managing emails

Have you got a lot of tasks that you need to finish? but you just don’t have the time to do it all by yourself.

A virtual assistant here at Bespoke Admin could help you but what tasks would you let us work on?

How can you be sure that virtual assistants can replace you properly? I am sure that you have pondered on these questions already. Hiring a bunch of incompetent virtual assistants would do you more harm than good.

Then again, you know that you need help and virtual assistants are basically your only choice. But where do you even find virtual assistants whom you can trust to complete your tasks? right here at Bespoke Admin Solutions Ltd.

Managing emails

Emails are probably one of the biggest time wasters for most businesses. Imagine working hard on a particular task, getting into the zone or into the flow, and suddenly, a new email appears.

You start answering that email and before you know it, you’ve totally lost the flow in the previous task.

It takes you a minimum of 20 minutes to get back to the previous task. That’s what interruptions do to focused workflow.

Just imagine how many hours you have lost by getting interrupted by emails, when we can take care of this for you and you can concentrate on the more important tasks, you will see the difference in your workload in the first week.

It’s best to have someone handle all of your emails, getting interrupted by emails is almost never worth it. Your virtual assistant here at Bespoke Admin could handle most emails for you. And even if some of the emails were urgent, your assistant would let you know.

Contact us for more information and discuss how we can help you and get started today.

We can even offer holiday cover so you can relax and not have to worry about returning to a full inbox.

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